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Effect Positive Change with the Liberal Arts

We believe the best preparation for a liberal arts education is a liberal arts classroom. Cultivating critical, creative thinking with individualized personal attention, we immerse Chinese students in the best that the humanities have to offer and prepare them, academically and emotionally, for a top liberal arts undergraduate program in the United States.

Our Programs

The Core

College application through self exploration with renowned scholars

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Homer Project

A fundamental approach toward improvement in acadmeics

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Our College Counseling Program builds on the foundation of the Core to deliver an ethical and enriching experience to the college application process. We strive to help students express their most authentic selves, maintaining full transparency to high schools and universities with respect to our methods and practices. We have zero-tolerance for unethical behavior and, consequently, abide by standards and ethics set forth by the NACAC and the HECA.

AcadeMe Teaching Fellowship

AcadeMe is excited to offer Two-Year Teaching Fellowships to talented U.S. college graduates passionate about empowering others through education. Founded by Professor Lisa Ruddick and two alumni of the University of Chicago, AcadeMe strives to effect positive change through liberal arts. Since our founding in 2013, we have been on the frontline of educational innovation, combining humanities-centric programs and ethical, enriching college counseling for Chinese high school students who wish to further their education in the U.S.

Fellows will acquire invaluable teaching experience in topics of their interest by leading discussion- based seminars, developing professional contacts through networking events and intensive cooperation with professors, as well as acquiring crucial self-knowledge. We believe that by guiding students through a critical juncture of their lives, our Fellows will also gain a better understanding of their own callings. As such, this opportunity is not only an excellent one for students interested in careers in teaching and academia, but also for those who would like to reflect critically on their education.


  • Design and teach discussion-based seminars

  • Design and teach workshops on topics of your own interest

  • Design and teach seminars at our partner high schools

  • Help develop AcadeMe’s intellectual community and promote the liberal arts in China

  • Mentor around six students

  • Guide students through self-discovery and essay brainstorming

  • Manage the application process; conduct school research if necessary

Desired Skills and Qualifications

  • Recently graduated (or expected to graduate) with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from a top American university or college

  • Strong academic record (minimum GPA 3.5) as well as written and oral communication skills

  • Interest in the liberal arts is strongly preferred

  • Demonstrated interest in education

  • Experience in teaching and curriculum design a plus

  • Proficiency in Chinese a strong plus

For detailed description, please download the AcadeMe Teaching Fellowship document

AcadeMe Fellowship